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Digital Story Boarding For Your Next Film Project: Technical Operator Bring your inspiration and vision to life:
If you have a film project scripted or even in the early stages of development and need to demonstrate your visualisation at a professional level, be it for funding or to demonstrate it to AV producers, I can create a digital story board for this very need.

This work can range from: Basic video picture boarding in HD, paper or as PDF files or possible all three. Furthermore this work can incorporate an advanced versions with characters, cold reading your script and attached the audio per scene audio and even adding music samples to the score and  demonstrating possible camera shots you are interested in.

Personal Background :

I am trained by certified professionals and I have over 12 years of hands on work experience with both both Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro non-linear video editing software and video storyboarding software


I am credited as the video editor and one of the camera operators from an award-winning production and another production I completed is on display at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image Exhibition. (ACMI)

In closing, I have a thorough understanding of digital video transcoding to a multitude of accessible platforms, ranging from production professional video formats used by broadcasters through to authoring BluRay and DVDs or delivering standalone video files for use on computers, tablets and web delivery.

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Rivett, ACT
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