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2 Adult Cats To

2 Adult Cats To

Good Home - Must Go Together Brother and sister - must go together, have never been separated. 22 months old. Very regretful, but they need to be rehomed (to a good home only).

These two have distinctly different personalities. The female is cautious, clever, will fish out guppies from a closed fish tank kind of clever. The male is super chilled, stretches out in front of you for pats and just waits to be treated like a king.

Both are cuddly to you. I've let them sleep in my bed with me and sit with me on the couch. They've been raised indoors for the first year of their lives and now have access to the outdoors too, but they enjoy comfort so they always come back in fast. Also, they're wusses that are scared of birds flying overhead, and that's another thing that will make them run back in. You probably will never have these bring you a decapitated mouse or bird as it's not something they've ever done.

They are very attached to each other and  spend a lot of time grooming each other and purring sweetly. As they are still young, they're full of energy and playfulness and their favourite pastime is running up and down the corridor together.

The male is microchipped, desexed and vaccinated. A new owner would have to change the name associated with the microchip to their own.

For litter they're used to Breeder's Choice. For food they eat wet and dry (Optimum, Whiskas cans, chicken breast chunks).

They're seeking a great home with someone who wants cuddles from these guys and is gentle. They definitely need access outside because now that they're used to it it'll be hard to stay indoors. They're independent, in that they don't need someone to be home with them all day, but they're sooky so they need love.  


Essendon, VIC
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