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Hand Reared

Hand Reared

Baby Cockatiels - 2 Left - Ready To Go Now Hi Everyone,

We have some Hand Reared Baby Cockatiels for sale to wonderful homes.

OUR "READY TO GO" BABIES – these babies are fully weaned, fully feathered, happy and 100% healthy.
Photo 1. Normal Grey Split
Photo 2. Whiteface Cinnamon Pied
Photo 3. Whiteface Cinnamon Split - SOLD
Photo 4. Whiteface Cinnamon - SOLD
Photo 5. Normal Cinnamon Pied - SOLD

Our babies are pulled from the nest at 2 - 3 weeks of age and put on heat pads.
They are syringed feed frequently and handled.
Our babies are only sold when they are fully weaned, fully feathered, trained and happily eating seed, green, bread and veggies.

By the time they are ready to go (8-9 weeks old age) they have started their training and will quite happy "Step Up" onto your finger and sit on your shoulder.

Our babies spend their days in our "Play Pen" where they interact with lots of people, dogs and everyday household things.

Each of our babies comes with a "Birdy Pack" and heaps of helpful information on how to care for your newest family member.

We CANNOT tell the sexes of our babies by the time they go to their new homes but BOTH Males and Females have great personalities and BOTH males and Females can talk, mimic and whistle.

OUR BABIES ARE PROPERLY HANDRAISED BIRDS. They are not raised by their parents or raised in an aviary environment.

Our breeding birds are kept in massive, clean, open, natural set aviaries. They are NOT breed in small cages or breeding cabinets in our house or garage.

We are in our third generation with over 60 years of experience in breeding, hand raising and training birds handed down. We only sell babies we would buy ourselves and IF we didn’t sell top quality birds we wouldn’t still be selling our pride and joys today.



Sutton, NSW
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