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Agistment For

Your Horse/Pony At The Saddle Camp, Braidwood! If you’re looking for somewhere to keep your own horse, The Saddle Camp can provide a healthy, natural and companionable lifestyle for your horse.  

*(Customer Care) - $35 per week, and includes worming & organising of farrier and dentist.

Silver Package

*(1 Feed per Day) - $80 per week, and includes all feed, worming, organising of farrier and dentist, and rugs on or off.

The horses are checked each day to make sure they are safe and well.

You can use our flood-lit, Olympic sized sand & fenced dressage arena, the jumping paddock and ride out on the trails any time.

There are loads of great rides out starting from our property.  There is also a safe, dry, easy-to-access place to store your tack, feed & rugs.

There is a permanent on-site Riding Instructor & supervision, plus regular clinics with Natural Horsemanship, Cattle Skills Workshops, etc.  We are also involved with Braidwood Pony Club, and can float your horse there each rally day.  There are also great Camp-drafting, Team Sorting & Polocrosse teams that meet regularly at Braidwood Show Grounds – just 15 minutes away!

Our farrier, Rob Little, trims our horses feet every 6 weeks, and Braidwood Vet Surgery are excellent, available 24/7 and only 10 minutes away.  We organise the farrier, dentist and worming, but we can also organise our tried and trusted Chiropractor, Dentist and Saddle Fitter to look after your horse.

If it’s hard for your parents to get you here regularly, we can provide Bunk Room Accommodation in our Club-House for $50/night.  It includes all your meals and full adult supervision.  We can also pick you up from the train station at Bungendore or from the Bus Stop in Braidwood if needed.

$35 - $80

Braidwood, NSW
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