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Habitat Uk

Habitat Uk

'Mandarin' Lamp - Pale Stained Plywood - Iconic + Collectible Habitat UK (Sir Terrence Conran) Mandarin lamp (March 2004). This is a gorgeous fully original Mandarin lamp in pale sectioned plywood. Approximately the colour of pale honey. They also came in dark stained version. The stain is a matt finish and the grain is clearly visible. I purchased this lamp at the Habitat store in Hampstead in 2004 - cost was approx GBP 200.00.

These original lamps are collectible and are made from sectioned plywood. The wooden sections resemble a mandarin segment formation with light coming from all sides and top of the lamp. They give a strikingly beautiful and uniform light. Perfect for a coffee or side table.  

In weight, the lamp is medium weight, heavy in the base and stable. Measurements are approx 32cm height and 44cm diameter at widest point.

A central white post hold the globe (screw in). The surrounding sections are mounted at the base on a stacked ply platform and joined at the top on a circle of ply. The cord is white - with a switch - and can be placed at any angle under the lamp sections.

This is fully original with tags still affixed on base. The light plug is UK original and can be used with a transformer - or the plug and/or cord can be easily replaced with a colour coded cord or Australian plug.

If you want to maintain the original: Note that UK is also 240v so there is no issue with changing the plug and leaving the original cord. Inside the plug connection is a fuse (UK requirement) which is surge protection and sometimes needs replacing. They are a standard fuse.

This item is in excellent second hand condition. I used it in the UK and then briefly when I returned home from the UK - but it has now been stored away for 8-9 years and so I have decided to part with it to a home where it can be seen and appreciated.

Collection only. Item is located in Canberra.


Isaacs, ACT
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