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3 Lowline

3 Lowline

Steers And 2 Lowline Bull Calves We have 3 Lowline steers and 2 bull calves - various ages available

1 X 1/8 Murray Gray and 7/8 Lowline. Born March 2013 (3 years 8 months old.) He is approximately 270kg. He is ready to be fatten and freezer 'd. $800

1 X 1/8 Murray Gray and 7/8 Lowline. Born 28th September 2014 (2 years and 2 months). Approx weight 180-200kg. $650

1 X pure bred Lowline. Born 25th October 2014 (2 years and 1 month). Approx weight 150kg-180kg. $650.

1 X 1/8 Murray Gray and 7/8 Lowline (Ausline) bull calf. Born 25th October 2015 (13 months old.) He is approximately 85cm tall. $600

1 X pure bred Lowline bull calf. Born 17th January 2016 (10.5 months old.) He is approximately 75cm tall. $600

Happy to do a deal on multiple animals.

The steers and bull calves are gentle in nature and will eat out of your hand. They have been trained to come when a bell is rung and can be patted. They are gentle on fences and obey single strand hot wire.

Sire - Purebred Dakabin (AI) Lowline Bull (halter trained and calm)

Cows - Amberfield 3/4 Lowline 1/4 Murray Grey & Purebred Lowline

Lowline yield over 70% and its claimed that there is a 30% larger ribeye area per hundredweight than any other breed as well as excellent marbling.

About us:
We are Located in the north of the Southern Downs QLD (near Allora 4362).  We are in a tick free area and follow Pat Coleby's regime of natural supplements for herd health (e.g. apple cider vinegar, cod liver oil, and sulphur/copper sulphate/dolomite/Tasmanian bull kelp/etc based licks) and use natural alternatives to treat pests like buffalo flies (e.g. Organic Cattle Coat Back Rubs and Mechanical Buffalo Fly Traps). We even hoe/pull our own weeds (e.g. Scotch Thistle and Balloon Vine). So although not organically accredited, we have 100% pesticide/herbicide free land/cattle.

We are also fully accredited with the LPA. All cattle are ear tagged and registered under the National Livestock Identification System (NLIS).

The Australian Lowline are a short, black, naturally polled breed of cattle that have a great temprement and are easy to handle. Ours especially so, being a small and regularly handled herd that come to you for pats and treats.

$600 - $3,200

Allora, QLD
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