Allclassifieds Frequently Asked Questions

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What are allclassifieds posting policies?

Detailed descriptions of allclassifieds terms and conditions can be found here. In short, allclassifieds only accepts listings from users who are authorised to use the content for the purposes of advertising, and who are legally entitled to sell any good or service being advertised. Only goods available for sale in Australia are permitted – overseas listings will not be accepted.

Allclassifieds may also delete ads for the following reasons:

  • The ad violates allclassifieds terms and conditions
  • The ad breaks the law (i.e. advertising illegal dog breeds). It is the advertiser’s responsibility to ensure that the content advertised on allclassifieds complies both with allclassifieds’ policies and Australian laws
  • The ad is posted from overseas
  • The ad contains external links
  • The ad appears to be a scam ad
  • The ad offers pets for sale under the minimum age requirement. See our pets policy here.
  • The listing advertises drugs, alcohol, supplements, adoption, surrogacy, weapons or adult items
  • Inappropriate language

Is it free to sell my items on allclassifieds?

Yes! It is free for individuals to sell items on allclassifieds. However, if you’d like to sell your items faster by reaching more potential buyers, you can pay to feature your item listings in either their category or on the allclassifieds homepage. These prices vary depending on the category (i.e. featured car ads are more expensive than ads for books).

If you’re a business and would like to sell your items on allclassifieds, see How do I advertise my business on allclassifieds.

How can I sell my items faster?

Whether you’re about to move house or just need the extra storage space, chances are you’d like to sell your items as fast as possible. The fastest moving listings on allclassifieds generally have a few things in common:

  • One or more good quality pictures. The first five photographs per listing are free, so it’s worth uploading a few to show the item from different angles. Try and take the photo under good lighting on a plain background if possible
  • Make the title and description as detailed as possible. The more information you provide (i.e. model, make, year, material, condition), the more likely a buyer is to get in touch
  • Consider spending a little extra to make your ad a featured listing, particularly if you’re selling an item with lots of similar listings, such as cars, pets or caravans
  • Get more eyeballs on your ad by sharing the link on social media. That Facebook friend who used to play on your touch football team might be looking for a new kayak/horse/paint by numbers kit – so tell him about it
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Your account

How do I log in to my account?

To log in to your account you will need to click SIGN IN, which is located at the top right-hand side of the homepage. You will need your username and password (if you have forgotten your password, click FORGOT PASSWORD on the sign in page). To create an account, click here.

How do I update my profile information or change my password?

To update your profile information, sign in to your account, go to the dashboard and click EDIT PERSONAL DETAILS. To change your password, select CHANGE PASSWORD from the dashboard.

I can’t find my ad. What happened?

Most allclassifieds ads are approved automatically, however, a small percentage of advertisements must be reviewed manually before they go live (it’s an extra step we’ve added to prevent scam ads from appearing on the site). For faster approvals, avoid including URLs or hyperlinks in your item descriptions and list a mobile number under your contact details. If your ad has not appeared within two working days, please contact

What is the difference between a casual user and a registered user?

Registering an account with allclassifieds is free and allows you to enjoy the following features:

  • Keep all of your ads in one place (no more keeping track of different access links)
  • Store contact and location details to save time placing new ads
  • Change the order in which photos appear on your ads

To register an account, click here.

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Staying safe on allclassifieds

How can I avoid being scammed?

No one enjoys being scammed. And while the likelihood of being scammed when buying or selling on allclassifieds is small (we carefully monitor all listings and permanently block any users who attempt to post scam advertisements), it is important to learn how to avoid and identify potential scam attempts.


The easiest way to avoid potential scams is to deal locally with sellers who you can meet in person. Beware of buying items you can’t pick up in person at the time of payment, as items may not arrive if you send or transfer payment prior to taking delivery. Other tips include:

  • Never wire funds via Western Union, PayPal or other wire services
  • Be wary when responding to text messages, particularly if the sender requests that you reply via email instead of responding via text message
  • Ignore any emails seeking funds to be paid through allclassifieds. These emails are scams - allclassifieds is never involved in any part of any transaction
  • Never give out your financial information (credit card details, tax file number, PayPal details, etc)
  • Avoid any deals with sellers with large shipping or insurance costs.
  • If you see an ad that you think might be a scam, you can report the ad to allclassifieds’ support team by selecting REPORT AD.
  • For more information about protecting yourself from online scams, visit the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s SCAMwatch website.


The easiest way to avoid potential scams is to deal locally with buyers who you can meet in person. It is risky to send an item without ensuring you’ve received a cash payment, or funds your bank has verified can’t be cancelled. Unless you check with your bank that funds are deposited and cleared you can’t know you’ve been paid. Other tips include:

  • Exercise caution when dealing with potential buyers, particularly if they’re overseas
  • Cheques (including bank cheques) and money transfers may be fake, thieved or forged.
  • Never accept foreign cheques, and inspect security features of the currency offered to you

I think I’ve been contacted by a scammer. What do I do?

If you suspect that you have been contacted by a scammer, it is best to delete the email or text message without responding. Please email any details through to our customer service team ( for further investigation.

You can also report a scam attempt anonymously or read more information about protecting yourself from scams on the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s SCAMwatch website.

How do I report a scam ad?

We take care to ensure that only legitimate ads are placed on allclassifieds, but some scammers are clever and occasionally a scam item does slip through. If you find an ad that sounds suspicious, report the ad to allclassifieds’ support team for further investigation by selecting REPORT AD.

I received a text message asking me to respond to the buyer by email. Is this a scam?

Legitimate buyers are unlikely to want to be emailed if they are contacting you by phone.

A text message from a potential buyer requesting that you respond by email (i.e. “Hi there. I am interested in buying your luxury yacht. Is this still for sale? Email me for quick sale:”) could be a scam.

Often, these scam messages are sent from overseas phone numbers or are disguised to look like local numbers.

The reason that scammers prefer email is so that they can copy and paste pre-prepared scam scripts from Google Translator into an email. (These types of scammers are usually based overseas and speak English as a second language.)

If you receive a text message requesting more information via email, we recommend that you stop communicating with the person immediately and email so that we can investigate further.